Friday, July 04, 2008

I packed the wrong brain

OK, I'm near the half way point in the World open and I totally suck. I am recovering from 3 goose-eggs in a row. Yesterday's abysmal performance I could at least blame it on lack of sleep and mix up in schedules. I had to blitz last night's round because back in the may issue of Chess life, the evening rounds were posted for 7PM... but..NO... CCA had changed it and Chess life was screwed up. So 55 minutes into my time I had to make up for lost time. Blah.

So why do I suck today? I had a good night's sleep, I was up against someone 90 points lower rated than me... who, on a normal day I would have probably had him for lunch. My brain was like a processor running with no data cache, I was half asleep for the most part and my London system was a crock of luke warm boiled cabbage. Despite opening up my opponent's Kingside g-file after his fianchetto, I couldn't muster any attack. then the table turned, rather quickly as that same g-file was now a disadvantage and he came crashing down on me. I should have castled queen side... but at the moment... 0-0 looked right. "Should of, could of, would of," doesn't recover any of the rating points I am pissing away at the moment.

Man I suck. I HATE the way you think you finally hit your stride and think you start to get a grip on this game only to have the life forces sucked out of you because your brain turns to vegetable matter in hotel. Why is it, I am the only one who seems to suffer this and not my opponents? Grrrr... I'm taking a Bye tonight to recoup.

I pity the person tomorrow morning.

Great moments in sucking at chess... STAY TUNED!


likesforests said...

Rats! I hate when I pack the wrong brain. Like chessloser says, most of these players are a bit better than their rating implies, so it's not so bad losing as long as you find something to learn from every game! The folks in the chess shop on the mezzanine level said they thought the U1800 and U2000 have more sandbaggers than any other section.

Blue Devil Knight said...

From what I've heard, the World Open is the place to find people playing way above their rating.

Have fun BP, we're rootin' for ya! Imagine me there in a cheerleader outfit standing next to your table at your next game.

On second thought....

Anonymous said...

He'll be there cheering the new sweet onion chicken teriyaki at subway.

transformation said...

wish that i were there, maybe next year... a sincere desire.

too tired to say much else (JUST off from a Saturday with the public), except wishing you and all my gals the best.

what does likeForest really look like?? :) dk

Anonymous said...

"what does likeForest really look like?? :) dk"

no idea, but here is Blue Devil Knight:


Anonymous said...

Well it seems to me you are an improving player so this means that you must have the attitude that you dont mind losing and learning from every game you play.