Thursday, April 18, 2013

Looking for a little Geeky help.

Yes, my chess set is still on a shelf. I am in the process of revamping my online presence from a professional stance as I am looking for greener pastures in the job market.  What this means is that I am networking through the professional mediums.  One method I am trying to improve my professional online presence is though a technical blog.

I looked at how I had success with Blunderprone ( and I still wish to wear that hat in the future). It really helped me improve my chess skills. I saw an increase in my rating as I used this social media to track my training and collect insights.  I decided to attempt to apply the same blogging intensity now to my professional life. 

Where I need your help is just to visit my deep dive of a geek fest from an electrical engineering perspective and comment if you will, or “Like” or “Follow” this even if you are not the least bit interested. I need to ramp up the online presence.

The name of the site was chosen partly because I wanted to leverage a little from the “Blunder” association but merge that with a positive solution space … yes I call it Blundersolved, with a tag line “ Putting the double E in Geek”

Sunday, April 07, 2013

While my chess board gently weeps….

For my fans of Blunderprone desperate for my return to blogging, I’m afraid you will have to wait a bit more for regular  in depth imaginative, chess study  entries with a bend towards chess history and  “old dogs, new tricks” improvement techniques.  I’ve been working on my other cerebral hemisphere lately.

I had a bit of a personal storm hit on the home front and had to put my  chess endeavors on the shelf. For how long? It is still undetermined. I’m not ready to add that layer of stress and complexity into my new routines. (Not quite yet... but not too far away either.)

I’m focused on some non-chess related improvement as a means to fill a hole in my soul. Music is one avenue I’ve been channeling some growth as well as other intense personal learning and discovery.

 What brings me here today is the fact that MY BLOG has taken a life of it’s own. In my absence, a couple of outside interests has asked for my participation based on content they found on my blog.

The first came from a  book author, Stuart Smith , who wrote  Kings of the Street  It’s a gritty crime novel, fast paced and even has a good plot twist. More importantly, it even has a chess theme. He approached me about the main character a while back. The character relaxes after a tough day with a drink of whiskey while  going over a classic game of chess. He asked for advice on who would be a good historical chess figure. I suggested none other than the whiskey drinking  Blackburn famed for his come from behind wins at the tail end of the 19th century. Sure enough, he includes a chapter where he reviews a chess game I recommended.  He also has a chapter where the main character reviews a game of Nimzovich versus Tarrasch and gets into the nuanced personalities of the players and how it mirrors a modern day struggle the main character is having.  I have to admit that I  was partial to the chess related  chapters but the book was fast paced and exciting.  I got a free e-copy on my kindle app  for my input and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Then, I get an email from a guy putting a website together on memory  improvement techniques.  He wanted me to review the website and “feel free to comment” on my blog.  To be honest, its loosely “scientific” but more related to weblink generation. So I won’t point you to it unless you really want to check it out. In that case email me  and I’ll forward the link.  I found fellow bloggers like Linux Guy, Empirical Rabbit , and Temposchlucker   having  a much more thorough grasp and proof of the generalized concepts this guy was calling “published”.

Until we meet again,