Sunday, August 02, 2015

Wait. I play chess?

That’s how it feels this summer. I’ve been caught up with typical life things called work and family. I haven’t been doing anything chess related since my last post and oddly I’m Ok with that.  I’m working on an interesting medical device at work and spending extra time learning new things.  Putting time into learning new skills seems to provide more bang for the buck  than boning up on the latest variation and nuances of the Caro-Kann defense.

Speaking of other satisfying pursuits, I’m also in a part time band. Again, learning new songs and techniques also seems to satisfy the neural plasticity excitation I was seeking for a long time with pure chess endeavors.  A part of my past is that I wanted to be a rock star back in high school ( who didn’t).  I had a parallel life.  Dad tried to convince me that the right girls were attracted to the guys in the chess club for their intelligence.  I doubled down and played in a rock and roll band because, well, Dad wasn’t always right.

This brings me to another topic, I’m writing about those wanna be rock start days and how it didn’t quite work out the way I had dreamed coming from a small college town in Brunswick.  I was inspired after reading several biographies of Rock and Roll stars, that I thought “ What about those of us not growing up in London, New York or San Fran who had a lot of misguided attempts and misconceptions and tried anyway.”  So I am investigating my misspent youth and how the partying and rock and roll attempts usually ended up in the wrong place.

Would any of you readers be the least bit interested in reviewing early material here as snippets from my chapters?  I am toying with this idea or do you want chess only posts from me?