Monday, July 07, 2008

I made it over 1700!

Much to DK's precognition, I managed to win my last 4 games in a row to finish with a score of 5.5! The ratings aren't officially posted yet on USCF, But I do believe I picked up a few rating points to put me well over 1700! My highest rating yet!

This was a tough event. Its funny, even though I swore I wasn't going to get caught up in the money hype, I did end up at first thinking this was MY YEAR to win the section. The problem with that thought, was it was shared by perhaps 200 others who considered it THEIR year!

I played 8 games and won 5! Not too shabby in the U1800 section. I discovered that every time I played d4, Everyone played the King's Indian. After my first loss, I booked up to see where I was failing. Enough said. I came back fighting.

After the ninth round, I caught my third wind and ONCE AGAIN signed up for the blitz event. I played four of the double rounds before bagging it after a score of 3.5.

It was great to see all the fellow bloggers ( Chessloser, Likes Forests, Getting to 2000) and all the other neat people I met along the way.

I played some chess and had some fun.

My last video report is a short highlight of the old timers out there going out with their boots particular, during the Blitz event. Truly an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

great videos, great to see you again, i look forward to seeing you next year...
and CONGRATS on making it to the 1700s

transformation said...

you desrve so much. glad for you. dk

es_trick said...

Way to go, showing that it's still possible for us middle-agers to continue improving!

Glenn Wilson said...

Congrats on 1700+!

likesforests said...

In fact, you are now 1737! Congratulations on the ratings boost. :)

Robert Pearson said...

Heartiest congratulations, George, I linked up to the tournament reports of you and the other "Four Horsemen."


damourax said...

Congratulations on getting to 1700! =D

I wish I could participate on some tournaments like these!
Keep the good job!
Nice 5 win strike too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sofa King We Todd Did.