Friday, March 20, 2009

A little treat for my readers

While I've got the Delorean in the shop having the flux capacitor charged for my next time travel to Zurich 1953, I thought I'd share this little gem. I’ve spent the last three months or so talking about such chess luminaries like Richard Reti, Jose Raul Capablanca, Richard Yates et al. I’ve included as much photo’s I could dig up relative to that 1924 period. In my searches, I stumbled across this 1925 silent short movie titled Shakhmatnaya goryachka ( chess Fever) that uses the back drop of the Moscow 1925 event as it’s center piece. Jose Raul Capablanca has a little more than a cameo role as he gets a small “speaking” part in this 19 minute film. It's a comedy about a young man's obsession to chess much to his fiance's dismay

Below the embedded film, I’ve included translation. I suggest either printing it out to follow along or open it in a separate browser. I also include when the real chess players appear in the movie. Most of which you will recognize from New York 1924. This is as close as you will get to seeing these giants in action close to the period I covered!

00.19 – Actors: World Champion J. R. Capablanca
00.23 – Hero: V. Fogel; Heroine: A. Zemtsova
00.42 – at the tournament
00.43 - Jose Raul Capablanca
01:00 – Carlos Torre vs Frank Marshall
01:16 Solomon Gotthiff versus Alexander Genevsky ( playing white on the right… neither was at NY1924)
01:21 Reti Vs Yates
01:27 Richard Reti ( playing white)
01:35 ( Unknown)
01:37 ( unknown)
01: 41 Rudolph Speilmann
01:44 Ernst Grunfeld
01:34 Frederick Yates
02.26 – in the days of the “chess fever”
04.39 – remember, my darling, the most dangerous thing for the family life is – chess!
05.00 – on the signboard is written “chessplayer – stop here”
05.51 – on the wall-advert is written “chess tournament”
09.38 – on the signboard is written “give something to the blind man”
10.01 – I loved only you
10.09 – And you love only chess
10.17 – between us all is finished!
10.30 – I will poison myself
10.35 – I surrender – I will drown myself
11.07 – Grandfather – my life is broken
11.20 – My child, take the source of consolation and peace
11.32 – The name of the book is “Pleasure of the sage – anthology of the most antique chess problems”
11.44 – Late wishes
12.13 – Kolecka has just played such a fine Queen’s Gambit! I can’t breathe!
12.26 – there is no place in life
13.12 – “Pharmacy”
13.29 – Give me something in big quantity and strong against pain
14.10 – Maybe – Love is stronger than chess?
15.15 – Maybe – Love is stronger than chess?
15.30 – Back to the fiancĂ©e
16.10 – Leave me alone! Because of chess I hate all the world!
16.19 – I understand this feeling. When I meet a beautiful woman, I also hate chess
16.36 – Finally I meet a chess enemy!
16.42 – Tell me how you saved yourself from chess fever
17.10 – On the wall is written “International chess tournament”
17.15 – I give a final look, and then … that’s all!
17.22 – At the tournament!
17.34 – pass! pass!
18.05 – Here are the effects of the Champion’s narrations
18.19 – Darling, darling! I didn’t know it is such a wonderful game!
18.34 – Darling, let’s play a Sicilian
18.54 – The family happiness begins!


Blue Devil Knight said...

Holy crap dude that is awesome!

Anonymous said...

This translation is not very good.

"All your base are belong to us" quality.

BlunderProne said...

@anon: Everyone is a critic. Honestly? I copied this translation from chessbase ( and added when the chess players entered the scenes.
My Russian sucks because it's non existent. I felt this hack of a hack is still enough to get the main idea of the story line. I'm not going for some kind of prize.

Anonymous said...

I didnt meant to direct critique at you. Your blog is excellent!!! :-)

I apologize.

wang said...

Sweet, great job man!

From the patzer said...

Trick or treat!
Oh wait, that is for halloween.

Thanks for the little movie!

likesforests said...

I first saw this on Russian--for me it was a silent film, but for "Waxmati". It sounds similar to checkmate and is the Russian word for chess. Upon spotting Capablanca (The TRUE Endgamist) I bought the Kino Collection DVD so I could see who else was on there and exactly what they were saying. Great stuff. :)