Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Olde Timey Shirts

( We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for a break from our sponsors)

Just in time for the Summer!

Blunder-productions presents his 2008 summer apparell in time for the summer chess season commemorating the old timey series of chess studies recently featured on this very blog.

For starters, nothing more obscure than a reference to a chess game time piece than a reference to an antique chess timer like:

Act now and order your shirt, hat or tote here

Or for the tongue in cheek reference to a movie that once feature Jack Lemon and Walter Matthieu, How about: Shirts, hats and totes here

These eyes! Now, how about having the face of an American Prodigy staring at your opponent like this:

The real question, what would Morphy wear? ( to go with that Hair)

Of course, my favorite, following the rumor of the Chess Enquirer of LEP, instill fear in your opponent with this message from the grave:

A stylish shirt hat or tote can be found here.
If you find yourself studying a different old timer, I might entertain alternate "haunted by" series on special requests ( for an added Mark-up).

So act now, while supplies last. Get them in time for that BIG TOURNEY this summer. You will be all the rave at chess tournaments with a highly coveted Blunderprone signature series chess geek shirt. Because you will never get to wear them any place else without getting puzzled squints staring at your chest.


likesforests said...

fyi, I posted my commentary on blunderprone vs polly this morning. :)

Chessaholic said...

Hahaha this is awesome. I love the "What would Morphy do" shirt, that's one intense look. Might just have to get me that one.

Banatt said...

lol, "what would morphy do?"

Anonymous said...


So you made separate stores to get around the restriction. Nice.

BlunderProne said...

@LEP: I may be a fool, but I'm not an idiot. Ok, a cheap fool. Free basic = unlimited store fronts free basic. I consider cafe press a nice strip mall, I just own a few specialty shops in a row.

Polly said...

LOL!!! Love the grumpy old men. I could do a MCC special with some of the grumpy old men who I play there. Some of them tend to have the same expressions.