Sunday, June 15, 2008

Parking the De Lorean until after the WO.

Sorry to disappoint those living in quiet anticipation for me to start the Hastings 1895 time travel, but given the fact that the World Open is only a little more than a a couple weeks out, I am in training. True, studying the old timey chess masters is good training, I am wrapping up the games of 1851 still. I am half way through making training diagrams in chess base/ fritz. I have a strong desire to finish this up so I can use the file to train before the World Open. Again, let me know by leaving me an email if interested in receiving this file with my commentary, Fritz's and some of Staunton's analysis, and training positions.

I am also going through Lev Alburt's "The king in Jeopardy" to get some attacking concepts in the short term to long term memory transition going in time as well. I'm looking into making this a training file as well but that's a stretch goal.

I've also got round two of the online LEPERS II event this week as well so no time for 1895.

With that said, the time traveling will have to go on hold until after the WO. I will be blogging on the road with brief updates from Philly.

Sounds like it'll be a good time as quite a few bloggers will be there. I'm psyched that Chessloser and LikesForests is going! This will be LF's first rated event. I suspect he will clean up his section. I predict that Philly will also recognize CL as a true Chess Celebrity and will have a posse with groupies as well as body guards following him around. Others, please drop me a line so I know to look for you.

Lastly, a shout out to Poppy-Blunder. It was great seeing you today. Thanks for teaching me this game! I'm glad you read my blog. Hope you solve the problem soon of not seeing my pictures and videos ( Ask John).


Nobis said...

Blunder Prone, my blog is open again. Can you link me again as I did for you?
Thank you.

Unknown said...

i look forward to seeing you again, and meeting likesforests and others. no matter what happens, i'm gonna have a blast in philly. see you there!

Glenn Wilson said...

You might try asking Steve Lopez if you have a chessbase question. I'm posting this here as the post I was responding to appears to have disappeared...(or am I confused).

BlunderProne said...

Sorry Glenn, I pulled my "HELP! I hate chessbase" post as I managed to recover my annotations minus training diagrams using the backup temp pgn file I had. I am 25% of the way through re-entering the trainign diagrams.

To make matters worse, when I closed the data base it re-wrote the cba file wiping out all the text. Man! this is painful. But I am recovering.