Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm going to party like I'm 1699

My rating after the NH open and this month's performance at the club has brought me up to 1699 as I head to the U1800 section of the World Open ( look for Duval). My goal this summer is to take it over the threshold of 1700 and sustain a rating there for more than a month.

I leave Sunday to spend a couple days with my son before heading to Philly to play in the 5-day schedule. I am planning on blogging some periodic updates on my great moments of mediocrity and other antics that could potentially transpire with the likes of other bloggers being there. It should be a phenomenal chess vacation. Some folks like to relax at a beach or on the golf course. As for me, I prefer to sweat it out against some Asian kid or an eastern European sandbagger.

Since I am not going for the money, rather I want to do a half point better than my best WO score of 5.5 in '06. In '07 I foolishly tried to win the money like a moth to a flame and re-entered etc finishing with an abysmal 4.5 points. So if I finish with a 6.0 I'll consider it a success.

I have in my arsenal a confident opening repertoire meant to get me some playable middle games and diffuse any opening landmines. For middle game strategy I have brushed up on minority attacks, lasker sacrifices, Pillsbury attack, attacks on the uncastled king, and of course various king side attacks. I've brushed up on my pawn structures most common in my games and how to play either side. I am running through the review material in Silman's endgame book and am doing about 20 tactical problems a day as preparation. I am also reviewing my training positions I set up in the London 1851 and, of course, my own games where I have critical positions highlighted.

Bring it on! I am ready to roll!

Have a good weekend, I'll see you all in Philly!


Dean said...

Good luck! Take it one game at a time and don't let any temporary set backs bother you.

transformation said...

i wish you my honest best. i put my ear to the sky, and hear rumblings of you doing very, very well. as you know, i am not an optimist by nature, so this is sincere.

what, after all that GM study you won't solidly go up 55 or 60 elo?? you can!

heartfelt prayers for your continued renaissancesque burgeoning!

BlunderProne said...

That's how I plan on taking it. Thanks.

I know you well enough to trust in your 5th dimmensional observations as most of your prognostications tend to come to light. Your heigthened level of awareness and acute sense of observations have served you well. My only hope is that I am on the correct world you you "hear". I feel well prepared, relaxed and ready to rumble.

Anonymous said...

Just an update, he was killed in a car accident after losing his 2nd round game.

transformation said...

excuse me?
dieing is no joke, so what are you saying please?

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you get into a tight position...well, there's a chance I might be there as a spectator, hanging around the bathroom with a Pocket Fritz.

likesforests said...

Good luck. See you in 2 days. :)

anon - sick joke.

Chessaholic said...

good luck!

Anonymous said...

I bet 'the mascot' is hanging out the mens room with something in his pocket, but it aint fritz.