Saturday, June 21, 2008

First round victory at this weekend's NH open against an 1800

First, apologies to Tacticus Maximus for not using his pgn viewer. I am blogging from the site of the Hotel and it just wasn't blunder-friendly enough. When I have more time, I will figure out how to get my pgn to the new viewer to embed in my blog. But for now, there seemed to be too many layers and hoops to go through not being a software guy. I'm a hardware engineer, for a reason, I loathe coding... it's text editing on steroids and I have not the patience for that. Give me Maxwell's equations over HTML.

So, I posted the game here at my game cache.

This was the position at my move 17.
With the London, I managed to grab the ideal position for a Pillsbury attack and snagged the f7 pawn with my knight previously a couple moves prior. In my comments to the game, I explain why this worked and what an expert had to say. Good thing I wasn't playing the expert, though I showed him I could still draw.
I played 17.Nd6. If he takes the knight I have a classic Bishop and queen mating attack on h7.
On to round two. Hope you all have a good weekend.


Glenn Wilson said...

As to not user the viewer, alas, I hear you. Apology accepted. :)

I do realize it currently requires a certain combination of computer geek / chess geek to publish your games. At some point I will turn my attention to making the publishing / authoring side of things as easy as using the viewer itself. But, we're not there yet...

In this game I think 17...g6 is winning for Black, although it is quite complicated....the idea is if 18. Qh4 then Bxd6. But, White can try Bd8 or Nxc8 (attacking Black's queen)....

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I recognized you immediately after we spoke from the chess blogs. Take my comments to heart on the London System and several good books are available on for this particular opening. Glad I could assist you. - The expert from today.

BlunderProne said...

@Glenn, You are right about 17...g6 being better for Balck. I guess we bith over looked that. Having had a little time to check this out adn fritz the game, 17. Nh6 was the better move in this risky Nxf7 gambit.

@Expert du jour, thanks for the analysis, insight and perspective. I do take it to heart. I have two books on the London. I plan on hanging up this openign after the World Open and migrate to either QGD/QGA ( which I used to play years ago) or the Colle/Zuckertort.

Glenn Wilson said...

Greg has been posting about a book on the Colle-Zuckertort lately:
Greg's Chess Progress. It (the book) sounds interesting and he seems to like it.