Sunday, May 04, 2008

Blunder- Productions Presents

With all the amature chess videos out there by the likes of BDK, LEP and J'Adoube. I decided to make an attempt at a video.

In a GROSS mockery of PBS's Ken Burns series ... I put together a narrative video blog of this tournament as a mock-umentory presentation. No game analysis just me blathering with some pictures flying by.

I hope you enjoy it, I had some fun doing this on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I'm not about to quit my day job as I realize doing voice overs suck.


transformation said...

this is one of those perfect narative voices, such as a Walt Disney nature documentary... or Ken Burnes Civil War.

Damn George, this is fantastic!! Bravo man.

makes me want to read Thoreau again, or read the Education of Henry Adams. :)

Polly said...

I'm impressed. Very nicely put together. What sort of program did you use to that? I've been toying with the idea of messing around with some video stuff or some sort of slide show with pictures and music. I'm not sure I will want to narrate because I can'ts tand listening to my recorded voice.

Anonymous said...

This was perfect... (I have sound turned off on my work computer.)


Temposchlucker said...


BlunderProne said...

Thanks, Besides stammering over the Hungarian revolution and holding back laughter over the sloth... I did it on the third take and said " screw it... I'm not a professional".

I have my own home brewed studio where i was able to mix the barogue chamber music over my voice ( MATT: Its the same voice you hear when I say "CHECK MATE" to you).

I used ProShow Gold to cludge this together.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Weird, work internets isn't showing it.

wang said...

Sweet! Dude you should consider doing voice over work, sounds like you were meant to do it.

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff. Your voice definitely fits the subject, and it brought to life the old-timey chess.

Anonymous said...

My favorite parts were when you cleared your throat at the 1:04 mark, and when you couldn't pronounce "participate" at the 1:57 mark.

Anonymous said...

holy crap, i thought i commented, i saw this a few days ago, when you posted it.

so cool, so damn cool, i love it..

likesforests said...

Excellent! This almost looks like a serious documentary that could go on the history channel or pbs--no joking. I would pay for content like this. It certainly piques my interest to review some of those 1851 games now that I have some historical context.

The only things that detracted were Anderssen's head (it needs a feather filter to reduce the jagged edges), you said 1852 even though the book cover said 1851, and you stumbled your words a couple times.

BlunderProne said...

@BDK: I hope you were able to view it eventually. Not sure why the work firewall flamed it. Might have been the 1851 porn in frame 23.

@Wang: I enjoy making wired things wirelss too much to get over stumbling through words like "participate"

@LEP: Thanks

@ CL: Gald you enjoyed it
@LF: If it gets you fired up to have a second look at the games, then my job is done... despite the bad outtakes...took me three takes... I could have pushed it but at that point I was starting to stumble over other parts as I was becoming more self conscious. Doing voice overs isn't all that easy.

@Mascot: I purposely cleared my throat to mimick MY Cult hero and presidential nominee, the Mascot.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Finally I got to see it.

Entertaining, informative, and generally quite professional in quality. The history really comes to life with the wonderfully chosen snapshots. I felt like I was there, with the ambience music and everything. Fantastic. This must have been a labor of love.

It's great, that mating net with the knights and bishop is presented in a few different perspectives in CTB! LOL. Wow, so that's where they got it from.

takchess said...

You are truly a Renaissance man/Cult legend.