Thursday, July 05, 2007

Blunder's Wrap up at the World.

Final Score: BlunderProne: 3.5 World: 5.5

Steve gave a good account of the facilities at this post so I will not duplicate. ( as well as a report on his scoring)

I will comment on how some of the other club members faired. I won't name names... but there was one other person who scored EVEN worse than Steve. ( Go easy on DH, Steve ;) ) Denys scored 6/9 in the under 2400 section from the club. My step son scored 5.5 in the under 1400 and David P as well in the U2200. A bunch of us scored 3.5/9. Included in this bunch in ascending order of sections: My daughter, BlunderProne, Robert H, and Bennet P in the U800, U1800, U2000 and U2200 sections respectively.

My last round was lost because I was "trying something" again. You'd think I have had enough negative reinforcement so I'd stop doing this. But I guess I had a problem stopping myself. I saw a fianchetto'd bishop and thought I'd go after it agressively following some pointers from a 14 year old the previous day about handling the pirc. Now, this was NOT the pirc, rather it was a Queen Pawn game and I just felt like experiementing. I had nothing to lose. I accomplished my goal rather quickly but it left my queen in an awkward spot, lost a tempo then started dropping pawns. Oh well.

Then I participated in 10 rounds of sheer madness... BLITZ! I love it. I prepared with several rounds on ICC and a can of redbull. At 11:45PM the first pairings went up. By 2:30AM it was all over.... in a blurr. The excitement was hot. At one point, Nakamura on the top board was fighting it out with someone when at 3 seconds to go, his opponent hits the clock so hard, the clock went blank! OF COURSE NAKAMURA still one...despite the GIANT coors can someone gave him ... Hmm is he of age? Well, his father was looking the other way.

Yes, I had TONS of fun. I watched many great games. I re-connected with folks I met last year and made many more new friends this year. I even got to personally congratulate Mr. Nakamura on the 9 way tie for first ( resolved with a single). He smiled at my shirt ( I wasn't wearing a chess shirt...instead my maxwell's equations shirt that starts with "and god staid" " and then there was light")

Well back to the real world, new job, tactics and endgames.

See you all on the otherside of the board.



transformation said...

nice post my friend...

yes, sounds like a real mall office park waste land, of taco bell and mcdonalds and wendies. hopefully real food not impossible to find?

its way too late, wrote the LONG dialogue with BDK about Chess Relearner, and played, shucks, 36 bullet games today (not the 1/0 variety, but 0/4) so many games 6 to 7 min, some actually 8 when go to an endgame...

warmest, dk

Anonymous said...

It was nice meeting you at the tournament! I did see your shirt the next day - very nice! I only scored 4.5/9. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

like i said on atomic patzer's blog, sounds like you had a blast. ok, next year, i'm going to that tournament, i'll see you guys there..

congrats on your finish! if i were half as good as you, i'd be way better than i am now....

Blue Devil Knight said...

I'm in. I'm there next year, muthas, and I'm gonna win the open section!!!

:) Only if my Monroi helps me.

Blue Devil Knight said...

We should start a blogosphere pool to put in money so Tempo can come out for the World Open. That would be a trip.