Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tour De World Open 35

For those who hadn't made it I took some very amatuer-level pictures ( as well as handing the camera to my kids to take some snap shots of the event). Mind you I didn't bring a digital camera. These were taken from a disposable "fun saver" type.

Here is a picture of the HUGE hall we were all in

When the pairings went up a flurry of activity occured outside the hall as each section had its own table associated with the pairings.

There was a vendor selling sets, books and everything chess. They had 21 Chronos clocks stolen at this event. I guess even at a chess tournament you can't trust everyone.

A snapshot of a few of the players closest to me ( although I didn't get all) My daughter Nika, fellow blogger, Steve . David P. ( ICC SatanicKitty), My step son, Tyler in a rare moment caught smiling, and of course yours truely.

All this chess has left me tired.


transformation said...

warm fuzzies

Unknown said...

excellent pics, who needs a digital camera? oh, and why is my cat on your couch?

BlunderProne said...

That is Valentina... our pure bred Maine Coony... She was definitely a warm fuzzy sprawled out on the couch.

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged by me :-)

If you don't know what i mean by that, please visit this post from BDK. I believe he's the one who started it.

Anonymous said...

Blue Devil Knight stole 20 of the 21.