Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's just a flesh wound ( My DRAW with Curdo)


My fist 1/2 scalp with a life Master AND a Legend! John Curdo and I had an incredible battle despite the 600 rating point spread. By move 11, I was down a bishop and hung on for dear life ( It's just a flesh wound) I kept up the pressure on the g-file and just wouldn't give up. 30 moves later I won back my lost material and gained a pawn! At move 57 we were in a repetitive dance and he accepted the draw! I'm heading to the world open baby!


Anonymous said...

Schweet!! Y'all should have seen the crowd around this game at the end of the (k)night!

As we say in this part of the world, "Wicked pissah!"

Nice game George.


Pawnsensei said...

Oh my goodness. Good going Blunder Prone! Gee, the Knights have been doing great this year on tournaments. Did you see CD's trophy too?


Anonymous said...

very nice!

Sancho Pawnza said...

Holy Shades of Emanuel Lasker Batman!!
Very Nice!!

Montse said...

Nice game. What would you have played after the Q trades 40... Nxe7?

BlunderProne said...

This was right at my time control. So I dramatically made it quickly and hit my clock. I believe John got caught up in the moment too and really over looked this Nxe7 saving move. Rook takes is a natural given the pressure on the g-file and his reasoning for bring the knight to g6 in teh first place.

It was a sweet moment in the game to say the least. it left me with the notion that even the mighty can be "human" and fall sometimes. Lord knows I fell on my sword countless times on my path to were I ma going.

As to what I would have played? Fritz suggests h5 but I like c3 which is more of a waiting move. Black has to respond to the Rg8# threat. Forcing an exchange. At that point taking my chances with the more active King and pawns on the dark squares is my best plan.

Don Q. said...

Nice scalp! Good luck at the World Open