Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scalped another Class A

Second time in one month!

PLaying up in the Open section this month has me paired with tough competition. I am the lowest rated player in the section. Last week I had a draw against a 1799 player. That got me paired with an 1887 player this month. I should have lost that game since I pulled one of my "cowboy" movesw ( Unsound tactics) that I vowed I would never do again at the last Eastern Class tournament. But in teh heat of the battle, I chose a risky move for action versus passivity. It left me behind 2 pawns with his king exposed. It could have been worse... but I seemed to grab initiative and hung on... surprisingly I managed to win! Here is an attampt to post my game:

The problem with winning this round... it only gets tougher from next week I am paired with the legendary John master... GULP!



Unknown said...

Very nice game!
Did you say you were playing in the world open?

Temposchlucker said...

Good game!

CelticDeath said...

Kinda like a wrestling match with chess pieces! Good job.

King of the Spill said...