Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fell off my horse and landed on my sword

Well, I should have checked the ego at the door. After last weeks head swelling draw with the master, I went in this week full speed ahead with "only" an expert. I saw he was a d4 player. Prepared several lines deep with the Slav ( looking intently at the mainline slav, central variation and the geller gambit.) I was ready for him. He played the quiet 4.e3 line which I knew but not as prepared as the others. Besides, its a lot like the London but reverse. I *know* this one ( ego inflating beyond safe limits).

Then I decided to play a cowboy move and rush in for a premature attack... against someone 450 points higher than me.... like I think I know what I am doing. Yeah... you get the picture. I had a good helping of humble pie this week.

For my dad... here's the game ... you all can enjoy watching how the "mighty" can fall off thier horse. I had a good run this month... it was bound to happen. Going to play at teh Mass Open this weekend too. My tail will be between my legs and I'll put the lasso away.

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King of the Spill said...

Isn't there a song about not letting your babies grow up to be cowboys?

takchess said...

Man,it hurts when that happens. One must be very careful when meeting a threat with another threat. I've been burnt a number of times on positions like this.