Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Playin' Up

This month I was faced with playing in the U1700 section or the Open at the club. All day I was debating whether to play up to "train" for the World open by playing a month of tough competition or to play more in the "comfort zone" and attempt fate at the club prize. If I would play in the open, I would be the lowest rated player in the section. If I played the U1700 section, I would be in the top 20%. The entire drive to the club last night had me going back and forth.

"Poof" the little red devil pops up on my left shoulder telling me " U1700 prize. 100 BUCKS .. you can practice BEATING and CRUSHING the competition!" ....then "Poof" on my right shoulder appears the dork with the halo all dressed in white. He was telling me " You need to practice against tough opposition in order to train for the U1800 section at the WO" ( Ok no comments about the voices in my head)

This went on even as I was signing up. Globular (Aka Matt) was the TD taking registrations said ... " So, what'll it be? U1700 or OPen?... Huh? ... HELLO?" I finally succumned to the inner turmoil and exclaimed " I would like the full abuse section of the open please." The little red guy lost to the dork this time. The angles were applauding. ( OK now you can comment on sanity ... definitely stretched due to too much circles training)

First round I was paired with a guy rated 1799 and almost won. I was happy with the draw ( same colored bishops and I had an extra pawn). Phew! I may post the game at a later date now that I (almost) have PGN viewer figured out. Its only going to get tougher from here. BRING 'EM ON !

On the tactical training, I am in the middle of my fourth iteration of the level 90's trying to get my hit rate above 50%! Pluggin away... almost done my 7 circles. What next? Strategy 2.0 ... already started "circling" some exercises.


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Pale Morning Dun - Errant Knight de la Maza said...

Congrats on the draw, and good work on taking the high road. Have you ever been to the World Open? It's in my five year plan.