Sunday, September 01, 2013

Dare I blunder some more?

For the past couple of years, my priorities in life had shifted pushing chess to the bottom shelf behind the therapeutic guitar. One thing I’ve learned is that given time, things do change and shift.  Things tend to level off, a new harmony restored in a once chaotic shift of life events. As long as I am patient, my passions can return.

Nostalgia’s past.

Chess has been calling my name. I’m “inheriting” all of my father’s chess items as my folks are downsizing  and culling possessions. The sets I learned on, the books I dog-eared, the table I admired that my father created, are all now in my office. The familiar feel of the pieces come back like an old song I would always play. Nostalgia reaches deep into my heart of a time I unwrapped a hand carved set of red and ivory, too fragile for play yet reminiscent of a time of the romantic age of this great game.

As I put the broken pieces back together of a long almost forgotten memory, it parallels the journey I’ve been on over the past couple years. Revisiting my chess origins provided a cathartic convalescence on my difficult journey through a turbulent period. Chess taught me that even though I may be behind in material, given the right initiative, ingenuity, and spirit, I can overcome many circumstances.  I’ve never turned my back on this game as I never turn my back on life.

Life through simulations

Tactics marks the slow rise back out of the depths of a long hiatus. Daily puzzles reminds of my core strength of problem solving.  I’m not rushing things or feeling the frantic pace of a once Errant Knight. Rather, I am absorbing through a new set of eyes these patterns once committed to an errant rote memory.  Each problem is a story worth learning. All stories have main characters, protagonists and supportive players that augment the lead’s style.

Perhaps now is the time to revisit my repertoire and make revisions. Exploring new ways seems apropos to my greater life. Like a new song to learn, I need to make it in my own voice so I can carry more meaning with it. There is no rush. Time is not running out.  The litmus is on my computer, the true tests will follow at club. Chess is nice like that.

Setting a lower threshold             

I am still working through the logistics of life and how to fit chess back into it. Chess can be a demanding mistress for me as I get caught up in the competition. What do I really want to achieve in the game? Chasing ratings creates a big demand. Can I just play chess for the enjoyment? That would be a practical goal. 
My local friends may see me come back to a club in the near future. For now I am slowly building up to that.  I am going through a culling process of my own.  I may start by selling some of my books on my return to the club as way to sustain my dues to play in the arena.

The magical chess history tour is looking more like a reality to come back to this blog. I enjoyed those journeys. Right now, this fits more into my chess goals.

See you soon.


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Do come back soon! The world will be richer for it!

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