Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Circle UP!

A small ember burned in Brooklyn and the spark carried far. For it’s simple post here rekindled the fire that was once the driving force behind the Knights Errant. Now reborn, the Knights Errant Revival is gathering a legion of tactical warriors on a crusade for chess improvement through the seven circles of hell!

Circling around the Chess Blogs are now the following active knights! Do drop in and offer support.

Brooklyn 64 ( from this point forward dub thee “KE Brooklyn Division”) has completed his first circle MDLM style and shouts out to his fellow knights :

“Ideally, I think we should aim to have a knight in each class section of the large tournament this summer in Philly. With a little luck and a lot of hard work we may be able to put up a convincing performance across the sections. “

I smile… I will see you in Philly my friend!

Takchess ( new and improved link BTW) is following Doc’s orders on Problem 400 Circle 1 of Sharpen Your Tactics according to Last update.

The seasoned veteran, Temposchlucker , offers advice on integrating Strategy and Tactics and his views on what he calls this madness as “microdrills”. Always something good to read there as well as his selection of pictures should be enough of any reader to be intrigued.

Wang’s stupid job won’t slow his quest down as he realizes that tactics is the one thing he can do in spite of a lack of real OTB time due to circumstances. Check it out, He’s already got the CT for beginners worked out and is well on his way through the first circle.

The Improving player is psyching himself up with this linked article about a class B player gaining 200 points in 6 months ( I have only 70 more to go in five). Daily tactical training is in that article.

So that’s it from the Knight’s Errant Revival Round up. Drop in a comment of encouragement to the fellow travelers. Come and cheer them on!


From the patzer said...

Nice to see the knights errant revival is giving the knights of madness and evil a boost back to live.

I hope the blogposts improve and we really come to know how it feels like to run in circles. :-)

LinuxGuy said...

I would like to support what Blunder-less is saying.

Not having studied tactics much lately, I could tell the other knight that my calculation speed has slowed down (and was re-calculating too much)

In G/90 time-controls (or faster) one does not want to get stuck in an endgame and be low-man on the totem-pole (clock), there simply isn't enough time for it the way it should be played. End it if you can in the middlegame!

lefthandsketch said...

To Philly!

I'm so thrilled that my interest in the knighthood has rekindled the flame - I was afraid I had missed the boat and was scouring old blog posts nostalgically looking for scraps of inspiration.

In a few months, I'm hoping to have some concrete results to show for my efforts. In the meantime, the chess blog world is coming together and it's awesome to be a part of it.

Our next goal should be winning the chess journalists of america award for best blog of the year. The Kenilworthian blog has won it twice now- and I think together we should be able to challenge its supremacy in terms of both content and community. Maybe we can't win it this year, maybe we can, but it should be a long term goal for us.

The carnival has gone a long ways in bringing us together- thanks Blue Devil Knight for making that a reality. The round table grows, and I for one am proud to be sitting at it.

lefthandsketch said...

I'm looking forward to the chess blog carnival growing and growing like a snowball- it seems to be taking off. Are you familiar with the Chess Journalists of America award for "Best Blog of the Year?" I think we should all join (10$ a year) to nominate and vote for each other. The Kenilworthian has won two years in a row, but according to the CJA website I think he nominated himself, so there's nothing stopping all 10, 20, 30 of us from getting together and voting as a block to pass that award around for a while.

Anonymous said...

Under 1800 section reporting in for Philly.

Unrelated question: is it true that Chessloser died? I loved reading his posts and hope this is just a rumor, but it would explain his blog being deleted.

BlunderProne said...

CL is not dead. He merely stopped stuff an burnt out. You can find him on ICC, his handle is chainsmokes