Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving : A.C.I.S. Update

HI everyone. In America, today is holiday that is meant to remind us of all the things to be grateful for. I hope all of you enjoy this day as well as my readers outside the USA.

I am grateful for the energy the A.C.I.S. of Caissa movement is experiencing.

Loomis is chugging along a la MDLM, brushing off the CT-ART rust. He’s such a classic.

Bannat is trying real hard to break the USCF 1200 barrier. Wish this improver some luck.

Chess Tiger has an interesting game where he plays a Colle-Zuckertort against some 1…b5 line. He’s looking for some feedback. Get you annotation pens out.

Chunky rook has amazing animated chess graphics ( How does he do it) and bemoans an inglorious blunder.

Harvey is new to the quest and seems to be trying out my database suggestions as he files off some rough edges. Please, pay him a visit and welcome him.

Steve Eddins psoted his first training position created in Chess base ( using his Chess Imager utility to display the position on his blog)

Wahreit gets all philosophical. Let him know why imporoving is a quest for you. And then enjoy the Cake he serves up J

I’ve had a couple others on the close fringes of joining “the movement” asking about what plans and others just don’t want to advertise and that’s fine too.

As for me, I am gearing up for the Harry Nelson Pillsbury memorial. MY database already grew to 440 positions. I have gone through the first 60 positions every day with increasing results. I plan on having a daily hit list and a weekly mash with more problems and a once a month brain burner where I go through the whole set. I also took the advice from one of my readers to start using category names so people can find this under ACIS. I went back only as far as the Zurich series and created category tags for that series as well.

Hope the tryptophan is off set by coffee. Set up the pieces!


From the patzer said...

Happy thanksgiving. For us, people outside America its bussines as usual, getting up early to spend a day at the office.

Rune said...

Great to see this is turning into a movement. I too have started blogging about my search for chess improvement, in the spirit of A.C.I.S. of Caissa.

Scheming Mind said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Power to the movement! "raises fist in air"

Liquid Egg Product said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's another facet for ACIS members to explore: Some need a solid alternative if there's no time to study or make databases. This is where Human Growth Hormone injections come in.

Anonymous said...

What is ACIS?

Blue Devil Knight said...

Huzzahhh!!! Good luck everyone, I will be your cheerleader. :)

Holy crap the word verification word is "chessine." Brilliant! It invented a very cool chess word. Only a few thousand more words before we get Shakespeare.

Anonymous said...

Nice word chessine, but I dont know what ACIS is yet. Hint please.

BlunderProne said...

Adult Chess Improvement Seekers

es_trick said...

Congratulations on your strong outing at the Pillsbury Memorial on Sunday.

LinuxGuy said...

I guess you destroyed them with your mad database skilz(?) :-)

I have Chess Assistant, and I still barely know how to use it from time to time.

If you were getting big advantages out of your openings, then maybe you are on to something there with this method of study(!)

Phaedrus said...

Great idea this A.C.I.S. and certainly an incentive to start blogging again.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Incidentally, cool pic but I think the arm of the corpse you keep in your chess room is sticking up behind the table. Better hide it before the cops find out.