Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gawd I am FULL

Happy T-day to all you fellow chess players on this side of the Atlantic.

We had all the kids home. I even got a couple games of chess in with my Step son.

I am charging the Delorean's flux capacitor and adjusting the settings to New York 1924. I managed to score an out of print tournament book annotated by Alekhine on ebay. I am psyched.

The teaching gig is over. Chess is back on the front burner. I am going to the Harry Nelson Pillsbury memorial on Sunday November 30th. A fitting event to mark my completion of the Hastings 1895 event.

I have a CD ready to sell at the event in chess base format complete with biographies, annotations, commentary and training positions. I plan on setting up a pay pal thingy in thenear future so my online freinds can get this as well.

Lastly, I may do a blunder-presentation of the hastings series like I did with the London 1851 event. But we'll see.

For now, time to prepare for the tournament.


Polly said...

Me too!! I feel fat!

Good luck in the Pillsbury Memorial. I played in the event back in 1975. Back then it was a two day 5 round tournament. Brutal schedule 50/2, 25/1, 25/1. No sudden death! 3 games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

From the patzer said...

Glad we dont have Thanksgiving in Belgium, i hate feeling bloated.

Can't wait for your next historic travel. Still rereading Hastings, so much i missed the first time.

Good luck in your tournament. Hope you will play some very intresting games which you will show us.

Unknown said...


Your work of love is worthy of being in a Wiki-book. Seriously.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Good luck om Sunday. Hope I see you there. I plan to come and see some games.

Blue Devil Knight said...

I managed to score an out of print tournament book annotated by Alekhine on ebay.


I was up there watching Amesbury kick Newburyport's ass in football. Awesome as well.

I've been working on the damned Nf3 caro kann (that is, 1 e4 c6 2 Nf3?! d5).

Nobody covers it in their books. Well, Houska covers a line that has never come up, but in my games fully half of my CK games are this variation, so I'm on my own. Within this variation there is an exchange (3 exd), an advance (3 e5), and lots of other analogs of the typical 2 d4 type positions, but often with subtle differences.

Overall, it seems better for black, as he can play Bg4 right away, and eventually trade a bad bishop for that Knight. However, I'm a little bummed that it gets zero coverage in my books. GMs need to look at statistics of crappy players in addition to GMs when writing a repertoire book! :)

OK, enough venting. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't know you were a CK player.

transformation said...

your natural genius shines through, like the sun above the clouds, always shinning, even if hidden from view for a moment or a day....

.... in full splenderous glory.

wang said...

Hey blunder good luck to you.

likesforests said...

Belated happy turkey day. Went the easy way this year (bought a cooked turkey and all the fixings). Was a wonderful day with the family. :)