Friday, September 19, 2008

Professor Blunder

With only three more in my Hastings 1895 series ( Lasker, Chigoran, and Pillsbury) I regret to inform my readers that the frequency of updates will be sporadic at best.

A while back, I inquired at a nearby college about being an adjunct professor for an evening class since I had a prior professional relationship as well as being an Alumni when I was going for my undergraduate degree. I got a call Monday to ask if I could jump in for Wednesday due to the previous Professor bailing on them. Talk about trial by fire! I had 2 days to prepare a class without the book! I have the book now and the class went great as if there was never a gap ( I came in week 2 and picked up where the other left off).
Long story short, my teaching an evening electrical engineering course is taking me away from chess at the club during the semester. I do plan on completing my Hastings series but be patient as the posts will be less frequent ( as well as posting comments on my fellow blogger's sites).

The good news is that it's a paying gig... and pays more than chess... which in my case...isn't saying all that much.

Thanks for your patronage and interest in this site. I'll be back.


Our Sword said...

Well Professor Blunder, I have no idea what that picture is but this sounds like something you really want to do! As a current college student, I beg you not to assign too much homework to your new class!

Have a lot of fun and I look forward to reading your next posts!

p.s. resist the temptation, college girls are nothin' but trouble! I should know, I'm married to one! LOL

Dennis said...

BP, congratulations on your new teaching job. Nowadays, every extra bit really helps. So long as your are doing what makes you happy, that's what matters. I will patiently await the next posts.

Polly said...

Shall we call you Dr. Blunder? You would make an excellent history professor. Your Hastings posts have been really interesting.

chessx said...

Well done professor.
Like rt solo i also have no idea what the picture is,on your next blog please tell us.
I think you should give them loads of homework i always got loads of homework.
Take rt solo's advise about college girls and just stick to teaching.
Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Well Professor Blunder, i will be patiently waiting for your next post(s).

Btw, congrats with your new job!

Blue Devil Knight said...

That's great!

What is the class?

transformation said...

i need to becomes a Massachusetts state resident to be in your class? willing to travel. please contact me immediately! i can bring you slides and images!

BlunderProne said...

To my supportive readers:

No I am not "Dr." as I only have a masters and not a PhD...though I've been actually giving it some serious thought. A Masters allows me to be an Adjunct Professor. I am teaching a Digital Electronics II course on sequential logic ( Flip Flops, Timers, counters leading up to memories and basic programmable logic).

No women in the class. I have my hands full with my own spouse and 4 daughters.

The waveforms are for a negative edge triggered J-K flip flop with additional asynchronous inputs :)

This is a gig in addition to my day gig.

Lasker post coming soon now that the ramp up is slowing down.

likesforests said...

Those diagrams look vaguely familiar from my university days. For some reason they thought programmers should know digital logic 1 & 2 and computer architecture. ::shrug::

Professor Blunderprone, sweet! You know, Adolf Anderssen was a math teacher at the same time he was a 2600+ player... so we understand if your historical posts slow down, but we'll still expect you to rock your OTB tournaments. ;)

Polly said...

I thought that picture was a rook on steroids. :-Þ~

transformation said...

time for you to give up your 'good cop-bad cop' cover, as a recovering drugee whos brain cells are gone! A+ for real smarts george!

Anonymous said...

Not you too! No arrrrrgggg!

Oh, yeah, and good luck.