Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bowling with Pawns

Last night's venture at the fight club was pretty spectacular. First, I must digress. I call the chess club " fight club" to my unlearned friends and coworkers who ask where I am going on a Tuesday night with a mysterious looking sack. This description also fits well when I come in looking all beat on Wednesday mornings. But when I have to tell them a 10 year girl beat me at the fight club like last week, that tends to blow the tough guy cover.

Using my gray hair ratio calculator and dividing out any coefficients of Grecian formula, MY assessment was that last night's opponent exceeded my age. I was relieved to know I was going to have a more evenly matched melee. However, He proceeded to set up on the adjacent board ( really showing his age) , began a game and only when HIS opponent's REAL opponent showed up, did he realize he was supposed to be on board 17 not 18. Of course I had no idea who he was until he showed up to play on my board. It cost him 5 minutes off the clock. I offered to reset the clock to be fair.

I played my lame-ass London game to all you nay-sayers out there. But I have flair! He really didn't know what to expect and played "normal" developing moves... which of course... allowed me to quickly deploy my pieces in a general King side direction quicker than mercury escaping a broken thermometer.

After locking up the center, I decided to go bowling. 13 g4! in the game below is just beautiful. He loses a knight or loses the game. But then I give back material ( to be fair... yeah right) while I set up a 3 piece battery on the open g-file. I send another strike down the alley with the h-pawn. I chase his king out towards the center ( after making a mistake 27 Rxg6 was more decisive than Bxg6+). The slam dunk is a king mated on f4.


Blue Devil Knight said...

Damn nice game! I always hate when white plays the london system. Well, I did until I started playing the Englund last week :)

transformation said...

it's like taking candy from a baby.

did you raise an eyebrow when they moved Ne8 before other development occured?

you must have immediately said to yourself: "I can beat this guy!"


BlunderProne said...

BDK: Thanks

DK: I try my darnedness to not show my enthusiasm. When he played Ne8, all I thought is " Well, that's going to cost him" then Qh5 threatening mate, bring the knight back to f6 I now had 2 queen moves for free adn to a destination where she wanted to be in this game. I've learned to not think I have a win before I can actually see mate forced in a few moves.

Sir Nemo said...

nice kill! i like the opening you used. perhaps if i ever switch back to 1.d4 i'll try something similar to what you did.

takchess said...

what do you think of 24 rook h2+ ?

Anonymous said...

Oooh. Pretty. Those are the ones that'll keep you coming back.

Kevin Ponds said...

Very interesting game, I love London/Colle.

BlunderProne said...

@tak: yeah, I missed that one too. Looks more efficient. Good thing my attack was strong enough to withstand my blunders. That's my plan: If I am to attack, do so with overkill so as to offset the BP factor.

@Soap and Kevin: Thanks.

damourax said...

Awesome game!
Nice "hunt the king"!
Crazy tactics! =]

Keep up the good work!