Saturday, March 08, 2008

My Last round loss at the Eastern Class Championship

First, I still haven't figured out the proper formating for chess publisher. I've tried to add the HTML code suggested by LEP and others but kept F*ckin in up. I tried the drag and drop idea of formating as suggested by Polly. I think part of what I am up against is this BLOG has a pre-formatted window size. Since folks have complained about just putting a pgn dump on the page for the user to cut and paste to the pgn viewer on the links, I've decided to leave the chess publisher as is.. and not devote my life to debugging a crappy applet.

So there... now that I got that off my chest... on to the story.

This game was against a strong B player who out played my Caro-Kann. At some point I allowed him to come in on my kingside... hindsight, I might have been better off castling Q-side or staying in the center as my h and g file became problematic. I included some of fritz's alternate lines in this post.


transformation said...

the car was driving straight and true for quite a while there. nice go Blunderprone. dk

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your efforts to placate the lazy.

I'm not sure this was acurrate.

This could possibly be the best sentence of analysis of all time.

Rumor has it that Wang is beating up people who use Fritz to analyze games, but that may be exaggerated. Watch your back, just in case.

Anonymous said...


Can't you just change the "width=" and "height=" values when you insert the chesspublisher HTML stuff?

For an action shot of BP at the Eastern Class see My Picassa album. (I'm still adding captions...)


BlunderProne said...


Believe me, I've tried that but the words get off adn don't wrap. I've tried inserting the code for LEP to allow word wrap... I f*cking hate coding... give me solder, wires and a PCB ... don't make me code man!

I think what I fight against is the frame size of my blogger format as well. I don't want to learn HTML... I really don't... I just want to post the games from a tool that is somewhat usable.

wang said...

Nice game. Although games like this is what caused me to abandon the Caro. By the way I'm not beating anyone up for using Fritz. I use it just not as a first pass, just to blundercheck.

Anonymous said...

is mcc member ed lafferty o.k whats his codition and what hospital is he at....? ed laferty.

transformation said...

me? i absolutely love the caro. its my main man. but it does take a subtle positional touch, which i do not fully have but strive to gain.

BTW blunderprone, nice photo at Globulars post. you have such big arms and shoulders! as i said, i know you can carry the world on them.

BlunderProne said...

I don't tend to back away from a challenge. I like the positional games these days. I like the learning process that the losses create. I will figure this one out eventually and play the C-K like Karpov perhaps one day.