Sunday, March 02, 2008

This just in...

I just got back from the Eastern Class Championships in Sturbridge. I'm too tired to give a full report ( besides I think I will leave that up to Chessloser who WAS there .... we both had an awesome time).

I finished middle of the pack considering I was coming in at the bottom of the B section. I had two wins and two loses all against higher rated opponents, so I think over all I won't be losing any rating points. The good news is that the losses were not because of any howlers or wild-ass pop shots gone bad.... I was merely outplayed in both instances. The competition was tough but it was fun.

Some time in the near future I will post a couple of these losses.

I will leave you all in suspense about the CL's performance. Be sure to catch his report on Tuesday.


wang said...


What the Shit?

Dude there is no way I'm waiting until Tuesday to hear more about this, so buddy you'd better get typing or tell CL to get busy.


Anonymous said...

Ah! The suspense. I'm more interested in seeing your guys games than in seeing Linares'. --Howard Goldowsky

Anonymous said...


Chessloser's site is blocked here at work by Websense...


I stopped by Saturday night, met CL and tried (unsuccessfully) to avoid Blunderprone :)

I took some pictures and will post them somewhere sometime.


Anonymous said...

Thiis how Chessloser did;


Anonymous said...

Looks like chessloser lived up to his name :)

Maybe if he cheaged his name to chesswinner he might have better results!

BlunderProne said...

hey, he won a trophy and the dude gave it away. We sat with the winners ( Shabalov and other GM/Ms)in the hotel bar after it was all done. To me that wasn't losing. We both came to have some fun... we far exceeded expectations.

Anonymous said...

Had fun? So what are we talking here...booze, women, or both?

I'm not going to look at the crosstable, because then I might find out chessloser's real name...and that would destroy some of the mystique.

Polly said...

LEP: You got the women part right. LMAO!