Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Madness... My Wacky Wednesday entry

To put things in perspective, my week is going much better than a soon to be former Governor of New York, Mr. Eliot Spitzer... who advocated back in 2001 as attorney general for a piece of software for banks to flag the feds when suspicious activity was occurring on bank transactions... had that very same piece of software flag him because he was to flamboyant to use the local hookers.

Have said all that, today's folly is a result of a blunder out of greed. Which also keeps in line with the Vatican's attempt to revamp the seven deadly sins. Though, what I was doing was going after a knight, I don't consider it to " being obscenely rich".

The final position looked like this. I had just played 24. ...Rd6 when white calmly checked me on the square I was no longer protecting. Should have gone 24 ... Ne8 what I was really thinking... BUT NOOOO... I thought I had that Knight... I was salivating. ( after check white goes to f5 forking my rook and queen... I decided to call it an early night and resigned).

The game in its entire folly is below:


Polly said...

Damn knights!! Just when we think the knight is trapped it goes and sneaks in with a fork.

The Caquetio Knight said...

Blunder Prone,

I've been looking at your games with white. Have you ever thought of playing the Colle system? It looks a lot like your system, it’s solid and can be used against stronger opponents with good results, many people think is slow but combined with you tactics training you will have a powerful weapon in your hands especially against weak and normal players.
Just look it like this: against strong opponents you can play for a draw sometimes even win and against weaker players you will have good results.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, even after Ne8 the position's not really all that healthy: off the top of the head 24. ... Ne8 25. Rxd7 Rxc6 26. Rb7

BlunderProne said...

@Cauetio Knight: I've considered the colle, and find lots of similarities. I like gettign my bishop out to target e5 in these structures.

@LEP: After talking with my opponent, he would have excahnged down had I gone to Ne8. I think I would have had a better chance. Overall, I think the plan with the queen side diversion was week. I would have been better building and keeping up the central presure.