Monday, March 24, 2008

A Corridor Mate

I thought I'd post this win from the Eastern Class last month seeing to how you all seem to appreciate the pawn mate.

I like when I can see a tactical shot in a game a few moves ahead before my opponent can. In this rook and knight endgame, I had active piece play against a passed pawn with even material. When my opponent tried to make a run for the h-pawn, I had the choice of playing defensively and going after it or playing a little more aggressively. After 37.h5 I then saw a nice set up.

Regardless of where he moved the king, Rh4# is such poetic justice for racing the pawn up to h5 blocking his defence.


Anonymous said...

that is just beautiful. those last three or four moves all just worked so wonderfully, that is art.

wang said...

Sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice mate, but what happens if White plays 39. g3 instead of the atrocious blunder 39. Rh8??

I haven't looked at it very closely and your connected central pawns may (and, I suspect, are) enough to win in any event. But I think pushing the h-pawn is White's best chance and he is still very much in the game after 39. g3.

Sir Nemo said...

I have to give it to ya man, you're playing some pretty brilliant chess! I really enjoyed this game(and your last one), very nicely played.

takchess said...

you had mentioned you were studying these.

here are some double bishop sacs. Well worth studying this as well as the greek gift sac both which has some rules of thumbs that need to be payed attention to.

BlunderProne said...

Greg, g3 looks like it holds the position. Then I would have had to make my way over to stop white's h-pawn.

Thanks Tak:

And nemo, thanks I said... hang up the poker chips... focus on long term.

Cl, wang... you guys just rock, thanks.