Wednesday, December 20, 2006

One in a Row!

That's my current winning streak. Its all a matter of perspective. I played yet-another-kid last night at the club who managed to reach a rating as high as mine in the same time it took me to loose rating points, gain some and then loose them again in a never ending battle of a self improvement. My problem is I am also fighting old baggage, poor chess habits, and .... age.

I play black against an 1.e4. He seemed to be unprepared for the Caro-kann. I managed to get both my bishops active and seriously controlled the center before he had a chance to castle. I wiggled a couple pawns from him giving me an endgame advantage. I shot for the endgame with exchanges that he was trying to avoid.

I gave back a pawn for the initiative and this killer position which gave me 2 count them TWO rooks for ONE bishop! ( White to move and lose) Huzzah.

After losing the two rooks ( and then the Bishop), he looked at my two rooks and his lowly king on the edge of the board and extended his hand offering a DRAW! I couldn't hold back the laughter as I declined the offer stating " I think I will play this out, I need the practice."


GM- Grande Merda said...

This draw offer was really very strange, I mean did he really think that this was a draw endgame or did he just think that you was that stupid?

Anyway, thanks for the welcome in my blog.

Anonymous said...

Nigel Short says: if someone offers you a draw, find out why he thinks he is worse.

Anonymous said...

I've seen it many times - kids will drop their queen and then immediately reach across the board and offer a draw.

Anonymous said...

That's just rude. Kid or no kid. They need to be taught proper etiquette. Sure, when they're playing in scholastics, where legal, let alone good, moves are a rarity, they can play on forever. But, to be even playing on when down that much material, and then offering a draw!! That's BS, in my opinion.

I'm working on a streak of my own... three in a row! Unfortunately they're draws. I don't think I've ever had three draws in a row.
Oh well, they're not zeros!


BlunderProne said...


If the truth be known, I tend to fight on to the bitter end when down materially ( I don't offer a draw... I just become a real tenacious SOB). I've swindled a draw from teh jaws of defeat before.. doesn't happen often but I do tend to play on.