Wednesday, July 05, 2006

9 Rounds of intensity followed by 10 rounds of Insanity

The 4th of July in Philly had Lionel Ritchie warming up at the famous "Rocky" steps while the final round of the World open was well uunderway only a few city blocks away. In rounds 8 and 9 I squeaked out an extra point and a half against a couple of 1700 players ( mostly played 1700 players the whole time since I was in the lower 20%). My Final tally was 5 out of 9.

Then the insanity hit. I decided for one last huzzah, to sign up for the late night blitz tournament. It was a double 5 round swiss G5 boiler maker. At 2:45 AM I managed to scrape up only 4 points in the under 2000 section. WHAT WAS I THINKING? But at least I wasn't the only one lacking any sense of reasoning... there was an 84 year old man who kept saying what I was thinking " I'm too old for this!"

My step son finished with 6 points and my daughter... well... she had fun... let's just say she had a lot of swim time at the pool and made some new friends.

We had a great time.... it was good practice for the next world open.


Anonymous said...

Not bad George! Poor Nika... I know she had fun though, she always seems to at the club.

Temposchlucker said...

Isn't 4 out of 10 with your rating in an U2000 tournament actually a good score?

BlunderProne said...

Matt, Nika had a great time... she ran into "Mr. Harris" ( David) as she calls him at the pool and lost a bet to him. She bet him that he couldn't fit into the tiny inner tube floaty things that were at the pool. Needless to say... she won.

Temp... yeah 4 out of 10 in the U2000 blitz probably is a fair score. I wish I could have used my quick rating...then I could have played in the U1600 section.

Overall... my rating went up to 1681! My highest rating to date!

BlunderProne said...

Wait... she won the bet rather