Thursday, June 22, 2006

My "crap"top

So here I am .. 1 week before the Blunder Meets the World ... and my training laptop decided to STB. Full Dell-hell ... power issue. Fortunately, I am a little handy with these things.. I have parts on order ( system board) and should be here by Monday. I am saving myself a couple hundred instead of having Dell go through it. My hard drive should be ok... all my databases etc.... need to work on a back up. Note to self: Get an external HD to back up the training stuff.

The Polgar brick is my tactics gym for now ... I have a back up system ( minus the data bases) for openings training.... no problem... I still have books... must breath.

Oh ... and I started my Sabbatical tonight... 10 weeks off...Paid! Yeah people hate me ... including my wife.


Off to the World Open in 1 week!

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck BP! We're all counting on you.