Friday, February 11, 2011

Come one! Came All! Chess Blog Carnival III Coming soon.

Blog Carnivals aren’t a new idea. The idea is for the host to collect articles submitted by other authors on a similar topic that he then creates a post with links to the other blogs. The host then provides a brief round up of the collection. There has been a flurry of activity in the realm of Chess Improvement in the blog-os-sphere that In January, Blue Devil Knight hosted the First event followed by Brooklyn 64 in February and soon to follow right here by yours truly, on March 4th. I extend a big thanks to my predecessors who have gotten the ball rolling.

You must use this kluge of a website to actually submit articles. The theme is loosely around Chess Improvement and what that means to you or how you are wrestling with it. Usually the author picks several sub categories like “ best presentation”, “Most humorous”, “ best Game example” and so forth that it really is all subjective.

We need a host for April, so don’t be shy. Why do a Carnival or contribute? It’s a great way to open new doors for traffic to your Blog. It creates a sense of community. Right now, it’s the dead of winter and it’s also one way to ignore the snow we’ve been getting in the northeast. Plus, when you host, you get exposed to all kinds of new bloggers out there you might not have heard of and pick up some creative ideas on the topic.

So, step right up, submit your favorite recent article loosely tied to Chess Improvement and don’t be afraid to host one yourself! It’ll be a fun.


lefthandsketch said...

It's on... like a prawn that yawns at dawn.

transformation said...

george, perchance are you at USATE in parsippany nj? i moved back here, playing, back in USCF after 28 years away.

got to run, two rounds today, late, and two more tomorrow.

best, dk

HeinzK said...

Hi, can I add this work in progress to the carnival without having to give my e-mail address on that dodgy site? Thanks in advance =>