Saturday, October 07, 2006

I have a new Floor!

Despite my extreme roller coaster chess rating ride this summer. A recalculation at the USCF MSA area reveals I did actually peak 1703 giving me a new floor of 1500!

Now, if I can manage to stay off the floor with my new opening repertoire!


Temposchlucker said...

What is a floor? We don't have that in dutch ratingsystem.

BlunderProne said...

In the USCF, a few years ago they started introducing a rating floor system after the calculation methid was revamped to accomodate all the scholastic players.

Under 1600 your floor is at 100 ...yes 100. But once you reach the magical threshold of 1600, your floor becomes 1400. meaning you can never drop below 200 points of your highest threshold ( rounded to the nearest 100's) matter how much you suck

This could be a problem however. For Harold Dondis ( long time player in these parts). He had to petition the USCF to drop his floor to the next level so he could compete closer to his playing strength. For a while he had a floor of 1800 but being close to 80 ( maybe over ..I'm not sure) his game isn't what it used to be since he drew Fischer several years ago in simul up in our neck of hte woods.

Zweiblumen said...

I wish I had a floor....long way to go for me though.

Temposchlucker said...

I see, here children don't get an offical rating unless they play in a senior tournament. We have 1 player in the 800-range, 12 in the 900-range, 55 in 1000 and so on. We have about 15,000 active members.

happyprodman said...

i stole your rant? haha
it's nice to know someone feels the way.
i'll let you know how things go.

takchess said...

how is e4 going?