Monday, August 21, 2006

Refresher course

As a result of my recent slump... I decided to do an eigth circle of doom with CT-ART. Since I completed the seven circles in May and then STOPPED, my calculation skills seemed to be waning. Starting at ground zero. I hope to reset the bad trend.

The Polgar Brick has been a supplement... but I find it not as fulfilling as the actual interaction of the CT-ART ( or similar) program.

I've been focusing too much on opening preparation this summer with dimminishing returns. As for the quest with Strategy 2.0, I can't seem to find my stride. I've done quite a few problems relating to Pawn structures ( which has the highest number of problems) but since I can't test according to level like CT-ART its hard to get into gear. I may pick up Convetika's end game CD ... later this fall.

The sword's dull, rusty and heavy... need to get back into shape.


Montse said...

sharpen it, sharpen it

Anonymous said...

Might I humbly suggest, good Sir Knight, to do the problems grouped by theme instead of by difficulty. I know, I know, it is not the way of Sorcerer De La Maza, however, many other men who are so learned in the ways of Science believe that is a better way to learn. They may also explain, once agin, how sheeps bladders can be used to prevent earthquakes.

Besides, "It's only a model."

-Globular the Shrubber

BlunderProne said...

Ahhh... geee.. why hadn't i thought of that?

( note sacarasm)

The Problem I was having with Strategy staying within the theme was that I was getting lost in the 50-70 difficulty level problems as I was trying to practice on a basic theme like pawn structure.

I can "dial down" the level to a specific ELO range and this seems to help.

Anonymous said...

George - I've done about 650 of the CT-ART problems, and I'm into the level 40s. Did you find it valuable to continue and do the higher difficulty problems in CT-ART? Something Igor said to me recently makes me wonder if it's worth the study time.


BlunderProne said...


I found it beneficial to do EACH level several times ( seven in my case) until I score in the 90% range before moving on to the next higher level.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense. Thanks.