Sunday, February 26, 2006

Modified De La Maza

OK, With much interest, I have read a great many posts by the order of the Knights Errant. I too am a wannabe 400 in 400 MDLM. I have to report that I ended up modifying the 7 circles. Instead of running through all 9 levels, I am doing each level 7 times before I move on to the next.

I did this because I realized I am tactically deficient... and needed to see 1-3 move tactics before guessing at the higher levels. I am also taking a slower pace to the quest. I "officially" began the circles in June of 2005. I am now on my second circle of level 60 problems and scoring horribly.

My rating since June however has modestly improved a couple hundred rating points as seen here:

My question to the Knights, can I become an honorary member given I have a modified circle?


King of the Spill said...

Sure, and I like that approach myself. Anyone who does some form of regular tactics in a repeated format (i.e. circles) is considered one of the gang. Give Tempo an email to let him know.

David Glickman said...

I will add you to the main list at BCC Weblog. Welcome aboard!

Please add a sidebar listing of the Knights Errant when you have a chance.

BlunderProne said...


OK, I am a newbie Blogger so I will do my best to bring this site up to par.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Many Knights do mini-circles. Good luck and good to see a new face!

Temposchlucker said...

A warm welcome to the club!