Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Decoy tactic on overworked queen!

This was the position I reached on move 24 in a game at the club against one of the kids at the club ( EDIT 7/5/2007 Needed to take care of my minor's annonymity). It's white to move and win ( I had white)

I must add that my opponent was only 13... but he was bragging to to his friends ( and my daughter) that he could beat me.

I looked at the position and saw that his queen was overworked ( his king was cramped, his bishop was pinned, his rook on f5 was stuck... lots of "seeds of tactical distruction" ) . The queen was needed to prevent me from doing Rxg6+ followed by Qh8+ and Qg7# The queen was also needed to stop the looming threat of Qg7#.

I played 25.e4! he would have been better off taking my bishop with the rook instead of what happened next. 25...dxe4 26. Rd7! He chose not to take my rook. instead he played 26...Re7 27. Rd8+ Re8 28. Rxe8+ Qxe8 29. Qg7#

Chess Bully at large. A points a point. Huzzah!



Zweiblumen said...


I'm so bad at attacking...I guess many attacks come off of overworked defenders, which is a tactic I don't see that well yet....

SamuraiPawn said...

Very nice! Hit them where it hurts!

Anonymous said...

Jesse is my son. You made him cry with your awful post.

Ok, just kidding. Way to crush the little braggart.

Anonymous said...

this is a rather brilliant combination.

Anonymous said...

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