Thursday, April 18, 2013

Looking for a little Geeky help.

Yes, my chess set is still on a shelf. I am in the process of revamping my online presence from a professional stance as I am looking for greener pastures in the job market.  What this means is that I am networking through the professional mediums.  One method I am trying to improve my professional online presence is though a technical blog.

I looked at how I had success with Blunderprone ( and I still wish to wear that hat in the future). It really helped me improve my chess skills. I saw an increase in my rating as I used this social media to track my training and collect insights.  I decided to attempt to apply the same blogging intensity now to my professional life. 

Where I need your help is just to visit my deep dive of a geek fest from an electrical engineering perspective and comment if you will, or “Like” or “Follow” this even if you are not the least bit interested. I need to ramp up the online presence.

The name of the site was chosen partly because I wanted to leverage a little from the “Blunder” association but merge that with a positive solution space … yes I call it Blundersolved, with a tag line “ Putting the double E in Geek”

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