Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Putting chess on the shelf


Its been a good run at Blunderprone, but due to a busy schedule and a needed major shift in priorities, I have to put this on the shelf indefinitely. I honestly don't know when I'll make it back blogging about chess, it's rich history, the methods we adult improvement seekers attempt and overall camaraderie in this rich community of chess enthusiasts. I have a lot going on and I need to make a new time machine before I can continue my magical history tours again.
Check back now and again, as I will post some updates when I come up for air.
Thanks to all for your loyalty, support and contributions that helped make this one hell of a great site.
George Duval ( aka BlunderProne)


Tommyg said...

Hey Blunderprone!

I move up to New England and you are taking break. Bad timing on my part.

Are you breaking from chess or just blogging.

Either way, thanks for your great article!

dfan said...

I've enjoyed your posts and I hope you find the time and motivation in the future to pick it up again.

rockyrook said...

Good luck with the busy schedule - we've all been there and will have to go there again and again. We'll keep a sharp eye on the lookout for you.

From the patzer said...

* sniff sniff* There goes our leader. * sniff sniff*

LinuxGuy said...

I didn't want to be a downer, but my first impression after reading this was that our little chess-blog circle has dried up, and you are jumping on the latest fad right at the most fadulous time (see RP, CMOB, etc).

You have a lot of nice content over time, BTW. I just looked at some of your chess videos a week ago, didn't even know you had any. Very high quality production. I laughed particularly when you mentioned about 'The British Sloth' that could spend two hours on a move.

Is it fair to say now that the Knights Errant are more or less unofficially done? I suppose 10 years from now it will look like a time-capsule, floating out there on the internet.

Thanks for all the interesting posts. :-)

self publishing said...

Enjoyed your thought provoking posts, your quality analysis and excellent writing. Many happy returns, and all the best x

X said...

Good luck, Blunder...don't be a stranger.

Liquid Egg Product said...

@Blunderprone: Too bad to hear it, but not unexpected. At least we can still catch glimpses of you on FB!

@Tommy: Since you do live relatively close, the correct course of action is to drive over and egg his house every week until he starts blogging again.