Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thick as a Brick

Having completed the circles training last month... I still find it helpful to practice problem solving. I am making my way through the Lazlo Polgar 5334 "Brick" So far I have completed the first 648 problems which is barely 1/9th of the way through.... if this was CT-ART... this would be 1/2 way through a complete circle. It just seems like I am gettign nowhere. I have to admit though... I am recognizing quite a few of the mate in two problems from the seven circles of hell.

As far as training for the world open... its practice practice practice. I read through Chess for Zebras ( skimmed it the first time through... some other date I plan to pick apart the games more deeply) and have realized that its all about practice at this point. My brain is full. Since I am "Thick as a Brick" when it comes apply what is full in my head... I have to practice more. I am sparring with Fritz and finding positions where an advantage is had and playing against the computer to get more of an intuitive feel of how to play the position. I really need to learn this aspect of the game since most of my games are lost after I have an advantage.

On ward!

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